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Zero Waste Kitchen Brushes by Oceana

Zero Waste Kitchen Brushes by Oceana

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Sisal fiber is obtained from the Agave Sisalana, native to Mexico.
It is a fascinating material, since it is very resistant but completely biodegradable and compostable.
Trends predict that it will be the new great substitute for single-use plastic, but the truth is that it is a material that was already used in the 19th century.
The reality is that sisal is back to stay , to help us in the environmental fight and to star in the design of beautiful, efficient and sustainable products. 


Do you know the toxins in the kitchen?
There are a large number of invisible toxins in the kitchen and it is necessary to be aware of where they are located, eliminate them and look for the best safe and natural alternatives such as biodegradable dish brushes.

One of the best-known toxins are objects made from plastics. It is true that some of the most dangerous substances have already been banned in the European Union such as the phthalates DEHP, DIBP and BBP in children's articles, but they exist in other daily products such as many other phthalates and, the best known, blisphenol-A or BPA.

If you have plastic bags or tupperware in the kitchen, remember not to store food inside and especially never heat food inside those plastic containers. In addition, it is important not to forget plastic bottles with water in the sun or in spaces with high temperatures.

Taking care of our health is taking care of the planet.

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