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Wooden Train by Lupo

Wooden Train by Lupo

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Wooden Train by Lupo


DIMENSIONS 38cm×7cm×8.5cm


A wooden train is a toy with many possibilities. It will be perfect as an additional vehicle when playing in the city, traveling, or moving around (not only on the street). The locomotive has a loop at the front, which allows you to attach a string and pull the vehicle. How the child uses the toy depends only on the child. The only limitation will be the child's imagination. 

The toy allows you not only to spend your free time actively, but also to train your skills - from an early age. The configurable train composition allows for any assembly of carriages connected with a string and a loop. This requires a lot of precision from the toddler, which translates into practicing fine motor skills. 

The train is made entirely of wood - it consists of 18 elements: 7 of them are colored and 11 retain their natural color. The toy does not contain metal or plastic elements , making it safe and durable - even in the case of intensive use.

To keep the toy clean, wipe it with a slightly damp cloth. Do not use detergents, do not soak, do not steam. 

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