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Wobbly Tower Gold Edition

Wobbly Tower Gold Edition

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This classic game of skill is also a visual "winner" for elegant look in every games assortment! This wobbly tower game offers entertainment for the whole family: whether by yourself, with children or for fun rounds with friends and relatives. The modern look with fancy gold accents, trendy pastel colours combined with white and lots of natural wood make the robust wobbly tower blocks of the


Age recommendation:    3+

"Gold Edition" really something special! Setting up the tower is also super-easy thanks to the stable guide box.
The game principle is easy to understand and brings fun and a good mood to both young and old! Concentration and steady fingers are required to pull the wooden blocks out of the tower in turns and set them on top again without causing the tower to fall. The die shows which block must be pulled out next. Thrills are included ... Can be played either with or without the die!
This wobbly tower goes together well with many other classic games from the visually compatible parlour game series "Gold Edition". It's an absolute must-have for your modern parlour games assortment.


A classic game in a modern, "elegant" look with fancy gold accents, trendy pastel colours combined with simple white and lots of natural wood
54 high-quality, solid wooden game blocks with various designs
Variable difficulty level and game structure - playable with or without dice
High-quality, pleasant haptics
2-in-1: the durable guide box makes setting up the tower easier and provides a long-lasting storage solution
Goes well together with many more classic games from the "Gold Edition" series

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