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Winter Spice Hand Painted Soy Wax

Winter Spice Hand Painted Soy Wax

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Winter Spice Hand Painted Soy Wax
Aroma with winter warm and spicy notes of orange, coriander, cinnamon and clove.
Vegetable soy candle, in a hand-painted glass container. It has a wooden lid and a wooden wick for extra atmosphere when burning.
It is suitable for areas with children (not babies) and pets due to its soft aroma that diffuses nicely in the area.
The candle is packaged in a fabric and reusable bag that contains a card for the correct burning of the candle.
After burning the candle you can wash the container and use it to decorate your space or to store something.
Candles made from soy not only have "green benefits", but they burn more slowly than paraffin candles, so we have a candle that lasts longer. While all candles emit some amount of soot when burning, soy candles emit a much smaller amount.
Aroma type: citrusy and woody.
Size: height 8cm and width 7.5cm.
Burning hours: 30-35 hours.

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