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Threading Shoe by Legler Small Foot

Threading Shoe by Legler Small Foot

SKU: 11887
11,00 €Τιμή

So that's how you tie your shoes! With this practical wooden learning shoe in a modern design, children can playfully learn how to tie their shoes, thread the shoelaces through the eyelets, and tie a bow. All the while, they'll be training their patience and fine motor skills. Stable with a good, solid weight, this shoe can withstand all shoe-tying attempts!
Tying their shoes can be a real challenge for many children. With this shoe-tying trainer, learning to tie one's shoes will be a cinch. Tying shoes made easy! Ideal for kindergarten-aged children!


  • Wooden threading shoe in a retro design
  • hands-on learning tool
  • Incl. compatible shoelace
  • for playful learning of everyday skills such as threading and loop tying
  • Trains hand-eye coordination, patience, and concentration
  • Ideal for kindergarten-aged children that teaches them how to tie their shoes
  • Compact pastime toy for trips
  • Learning shoe in a stable design


Dimensions:    Threading shoe approx. 15 x 6 x 8 cm
Brand:    small foot
Material:    wood
EAN code:    4020972118875
Age recommendation:    3+
Weight incl. Packaging:    0,19
Page Main Catalog:    77
Contents:    1 shoe, 1 cord
Packaging:    small foot-coloured box

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