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Thrapsathiri White Wine by Agrunion 75cl 13% ABV - Cretan White Wine

Thrapsathiri White Wine by Agrunion 75cl 13% ABV - Cretan White Wine

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One of the premium wines from the Domenico collection, Domenico Thrapsathiri is inspired by El Greco, or Domenikos Theotokopoulos, the world-famous painter. A wine dedicated to this artist who honoured his birthplace, Heraklion, by spreading all that Cretan pride across the globe through his great works. Domenico Thrapsathiri grabs the attention immediately with its colour. The artist himself would have chosen the straw-blond colour for his palette. Our inspiration…a rare single-varietal wine from the limited native Thrapsathiri wine-making process.

Domenico Thrapsathiri brings something of summer with it, though also enjoyed in the cold season. By filling up our glass with this singular dry, we savour a full wine to take us to the romantic rural lands of the Cretan earth, Crete of the summer and of the grape harvest. A wine of excellent balanced flavour, crisp acidity, summer fruit aromas of honey melon and peach as well as local herbs, a full palate and fruity long-lasting finish. A three-month aged white, which can be aged for 3 to 5 years. Served in every fine restaurant in Greece and beyond. The one you would choose for your good friends and family. The wine that has won the hearts of connoisseurs and critics alike everywhere, conquering new markets abroad with each passing day.

It can be ideally paired with:

fish, shellfish, meat, roasted vegetable dishes with coriander as well as local meze or vegetarian dishes, and also dishes with lemon sauce

Best served at 10° to 12°C.

An award-winning wine! Gold award in the white wine category, PAR Wine Award International 2021, 91 PAR points, Germany (2020 vintage).

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