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Scales for Play Store by Legler

Scales for Play Store by Legler

SKU: 11861
22,00 €Τιμή
  • Sturdy wooden beam scale
  • Ideal addition to a play store or play kitchen
  • With four different weights
  • Two movable balancing weights for calibrating the scale
  • Sturdy standing position thanks to the scale base
  • Lots of visible natural wood material and a modern, gender-neutral colour scheme
  • Promotes the development of everyday abilities and social skills during active role play
  • Imparts a first introduction to the volumes, densities, and mass of different materials


Dimensions:    approx. 31 x 9 x 31 cm
Brand:    small foot
Material:    wood
EAN code:    4020972118615
Age recommendation:    3+
Weight incl. Packaging:    0,90
Page Main Catalog:    168
Packaging:    small foot-coloured box

Weigh out like at the weekly market! With this stable wooden beam scale, small merchants have the right tools at hand when they weigh the food for their customers in the grocery store or at the children's market stall. Four different weights help to determine the total weight and two sliding counterweights are used to adjust the balance. Children get a feeling for weight and balance in a playful way.
When serving customers in the grocery store, social skills are trained and active role-playing is encouraged. This play set therefore belongs in every play store!


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