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Notos Olives in jar full set of 5x

Notos Olives in jar full set of 5x

20,00 €Price

We are proud for our premium olives, products that hold experience and knowledge of centuries. It is cultivated in the hospitable earth of Greece with love and care. The completely natural way of processing, in combination with its high alimentary value, render it a food with unique quality features. The benefits for the human health and longevity were recognized by the international scientific community. For the inhabitants of our island it was since the Minoan Age (2000 B.C.) one of the most important foods of their everyday nutrition.
1.Kalamon Olives in brine with extra virgin olive oil 220g
2.Throumpa Marinated Olives with extra virgin olive oil and oregano 220g
3.Mini Cretan Green Olives Koroneiki 220g
4.Kalamon Marinated Olives in extra virgin olive oil with Rosemary & Garlic 200g
5.Green olives (Chalkidikis) 

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