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Essential oil of Sage 10ml by Kurtes

Essential oil of Sage 10ml by Kurtes

6,90 €Τιμή

Thanks to its aromatic properties, the essential oil of sage is used in the perfumery, cosmetics, as an insect repellent and has soothing properties. This oil also has a number of non-cosmetic but therapeutic uses such as being antibacterial as it helps with ear, nose, throat, and throat infections, etc., it is antimicrobial, gives protection against fungal infections, antiseptic for wounds or for surgical incisions, disinfectant as it gives protection against both internal and external infections.

Tonic decoction: put 1 drop in the tea cup, add a little honey, stir and finally add the hot water. Your decoction is ready and without effort. (Never used undiluted).

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