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Cretan Wine Box by Agrunion (4 x 75cl)

Cretan Wine Box by Agrunion (4 x 75cl)

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A premium set of Cretan single variety wines!

This set contains:
Erofili Rosé Wine:  Erofili, that premium semi-dry liatiko! A rosé, inspired by the work of the same name of Georgios Chortatzis, perhaps the greatest poetic figure in Cretan literature, a poet equal to Shakespeare. A rosé on a par with the wines of Provence. Opening a bottle, the first aromas transport to another time, a time of intrigues and passion, princesses in palaces, unrequited, knightly love, chivalry and the choir sings the finest of aftertastes. 
Thrapsathiri White Wine:</strong> Domenico Thrapsathiri brings something of summer with it, though also enjoyed in the cold season. By filling up our glass with this singular dry, we savour a full wine to take us to the romantic rural lands of the Cretan earth, Crete of the summer and of the grape harvest. A wine of excellent balanced flavour, crisp acidity, summer fruit aromas of honey melon and peach as well as local herbs, a full palate and fruity long-lasting finish. A three-month aged white, which can be aged for 3 to 5 years. Served in every fine restaurant in Greece and beyond. 
Vidiano White Wine:  A truly rich wine from the premium Domenico collection. Greenish-yellow in colour, intense aromas of honey melon and peach, flowers and herbs, having a balanced taste and a crisp acidity making this wine unrivalled in its category. A single-varietal white which ages for three months on the lees and can age for between 3 and 5 years 
Liatiko Red Wine:  A bottle of the premier Liatiko wine from the Domenico collection keeps in a mixture of aromas from the past which still echo to this day. The journey of notable wines of Ancient Greece continues, connecting the Byzantine Empire and the famed Malvasia wine with the present in the form of the international award-winning Agrunion Heraklion label, the popular Cretan red. The common link of this historical chain is the Liatiko, the local Cretan grape still making history, our very own Pinot Noir. The Domenico Liatiko with its ruby hue, the aroma of sour cherries and red fruit, a mild and precious wine, beguiling and rich, like a Byzantine hymn. Aged four months on the lees, it can be aged for 5-7 years and retains a balanced flavour and cool acidity. 

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