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Cretan Thyme Honey 450gr Food Taste Awarded

Cretan Thyme Honey 450gr Food Taste Awarded

9,90 €Price

Cretan Thyme Honey 70%

450gr glass jar



Higher quality and taste are two features that best describe the “Authentiko” honey. Behind this quality lies an entire mechanism, a series of procedures and a philosophy of sheer quality.


Offering a pure product of highest quality and the experience of the unique and authentic Cretan honey to our ever-trusted consumers is our constant vision. We further hope “Authentic” travels around the globe, along with all the aromas and flavors of Crete and, of course, bees remain safe. With our ever-lasting respect to the craft of beekeeping, tradition, bees, nature and humans.


Leontarakis family is closely related to the Cretan honey and the art of apiculture. Since 1948, the family has been active in this field, having put into practice innovative ideas and techniques. Today, with the experience of three generations and our commitment towards tradition, we keep producing and harvesting pure, natural Cretan honey for you

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