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100% Natural Room Fragrance by Helleo

100% Natural Room Fragrance by Helleo

14,90 €Price

Enhance your environment and benefit your senses!

In helleo, we believe that your space could be the best place on earth -sometimes,
we can just add some room fragrance and voila!
That is why we designed for you a 100% natural, eco-friendly room fragrance
from organic extra virgin olive oil soap and 100% pure essential oil.

Ingredients Vegan and non vegan organic extra virgin olive oil soap flakes and pure essential oils.
It is a fully sustainable product since it gets transformed to other, high quality products and
has a series of bonus usage ideas!
Helleo room fragrance comes in five different types, each designed for a different ambience.

A calming room, lightly scented and peaceful. A dreamy ambience. This fragrance, with the power of bergamot and lavender, soothes restlessness and contributes to better sleeping, thus is ideal for children’s rooms and other spaces that need a soothing vibe.

A Sustainable & Versatile Product

Creates a relaxing & soothing aura
For the kids room

Ideal for the kids room

Essential oils
Lavender, Bergamot, Lemon, Geranium, Frankinsence, Cedarwood

1 cotton pouch (8x11cm)
100% natural soap flakes (120g)
pure essential oil blend (2ml)


100% Eco Friendly




100% Natural


No Animal Tested



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