Event Planning 

Marilyn Manor is equipped with a generator, as well as all the required operating & music licenses, so that you can arrange your Wedding Reception, Your Baby's Christening Reception, your Cocktail Party, your Honeymoon, a Romantic Escape (for two days), and even Corporate Events, throughout the whole year. Feel free to contact us for your request.



The wedding day, as well as the wedding reception, is definitely one of the most distinctive and unforgettable days in each couple's life! Thus, it is worth receiving their full attention and care so that it can be etched in their memories and the memories of their guests forever!
You can use the surrounding area of the outdoor swimming pool or the spacious interior of the villa, which stands out for its classic furniture and its luxurious décor. Each room has been carefully planned and decorated with taste and flair, giving the villa a sophisticated atmosphere and a serene luxury setting.
The central location of Marilyn Manor makes it easy for the couple to hold the wedding ceremony in close proximity to the villa, where a beautiful and quaint chapel (seaside chapel) is available.

Classic Wedding
If classical beauty and elegant finesse is your thing, Marilyn Manor is definitely the perfect place to enjoy a lavish wedding reception! Choose the classy setting of the villa, crystal or china dinnerware, rich decoration ... and welcome your guests with a glass of champagne!
Romantic Wedding
What can be more romantic for the newly married couple than their “very first dance” next to the swimming pool, while the moonlight is reflected on its waters? If this picture seems moving, Marilyn Manor is the ideal solution for your wedding reception. Choose dim lighting, flower decorations and candles, soft music ... and live your own wedding "fairytale"!
Winter Wedding
If you wish to be original, organize your wedding during the winter months and surprise your guests in a pleasant way! The interior of Marilyn Manor is warm and fully equipped with all the necessary appliances to hold a winter wedding reception. Choose the warmth of the fireplace, warm shades in decoration ... and start your married life idyllically!
We can offer Catering, Private Chef/Valet/Butler, Music and other services upon request.


In Marilyn Manor we can offer you numerous ... culinary delights and the complete catering proposal you have always dreamed of (certified by ISO & HACCP)! (Menu / buffet, dining sets, table linens, service & area decoration).

Offer your guests a “perfect ambiance” through a high quality menu of salty and sweet choices, perfectly designed and customized by companies with great dining experience and renowned chefs.

(Wedding or Christening) Reception Catering
The dinner of the wedding reception or the candy surprises after the rite of your baby's baptism is a great moment for both the family and the guests. The special variety of salads, appetizers, main courses and desserts will satisfy even the most sophisticated palates, while the presence of experienced staff before, during and after the end of the reception at Villa Creta will give the final “touch”.
(Cocktail or Children’s) Party Catering
If you are want to organize the “party of the year”, you should not miss out on the chance to provide your guests with an attentively cooked and delicious menu. Whether you decide to offer traditional flavors and Cretan delicacies in buffet style, or international gourmet dishes with finger food appetizers, in Marilyn Manor we can guarantee that you will taste a decent menu that will leave no guest unmoved.
Corporate Event Catering
In Marilyn Manor, we have made sure that all our rooms are decorated with classy finesse, so that the “luxury of the moment” can be properly highlighted! Celebrate with your associates and treat them with delicious food, combined with champagne or quality wine from award winning wineries. Choose soft music and give that “perfect touch” to your special moments.
We can offer Valet, Photo/Video Shooting, Music and other services upon request.

corporate event

The organization of a corporate event should confer the prestige of the brand. The classy interior of Marilyn Manor, equipped with modern appliances, decorative items & high quality furniture, as well as the elaborate outdoor area of the garden with the pool, will satisfy even your most demanding work partners!!
Basic Amenities:

Up to 50 persons at round reception tables, indoors

Up to 70 persons at round reception tables and bars, outdoors


DVD Players


We can offer Catering, Private Chef/Valet/Butler, Music and other services upon request.

reception - parties

Give your guests the opportunity to enjoy their cocktails under the subtle lighting of the garden or organize the party of a lifetime by inviting your beloved ones to a different BBQ by the pool! As for the birthday party of your little ones, the delicacies and happenings (face painting, jugglers, clowns, etc.), they will definitely be unforgettable!


Your first trip as "newly-weds" deserves to be the most beautiful of your life! The serene location, the classic beauty of the villa and the impressive outdoor space that provides you with all the comforts, make Marilyn Manor the ultimate destination to start your “wedding trip” in the most private and promising way!


romantic escape

Let go of your everyday life and escape into the beautiful paradise of calmness and relaxation of Marilyn Manor...

Open a bottle of red wine in front of the large fireplace, choose the comfortable sofa on the master bedroom balcony or the Jacuzzi and live your own moment ... away from everyone!
Massage, pedicure, manicure, available upon request.