My dear friends let me introduce myself: My name is Stella Galanaki and I was born in
Heraklion, Crete, where I lived and took pleasant breaks in my mothers village.

The smells of the village at Christmas, Easter, vintage, summer, olive harvest make me start my journey to
the tastes route of our island without return.
My juvenile memories of cooking with my grandmother in the kitchen with small candle, my
great grandmother in the chimney corner and the wood-fired oven, as well as my
gastronomic travels with the smells and tastes of other cultures, reel out the skein in the
labyrinth of taste and they lead me to the Cretan traditional cuisine 
Through its simplicity, contrivance and nutritional excellence, it’s her that touches my
heart! “A dietary exemplar, a life style, worthy of the history of Crete and its people”.
Enjoy a unique culinary experience: cook traditional recipes with biological ingredients from
our garden and get to know our traditional Cretan cuisine, as expressed in recent years in a

 .special place, at the Athivoli Coffe-Meze-house, in Pelekita Gouves or even in your own place.


Email: stellagalanaki@gmail.com 

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